Shabbos in Yad Yisroel

As part of our ongoing work to reach out to those thousands of Jewish children that are spread…

6 Brisim in 8 Hours

It was amazing to witness the Mesiras Nefesh of 5 students of our school ages 7 to 14 …


Mazal Tov to Naomi and Efraim Fried upon their marriage in Monsey, NY


The students in Pinsk, as well as Yad Yisroel’s many guests over Yom Tov were able to experience…


Pitkevich, former Beis Aharon students living in Pinsk…

New School Year

Less than one week after the final shift of our summer camps, the new school year began…


Mazal tov to our dear talmid Yitzchak Misak and his wife Sara upon their marriage…

Chol Ha’moed

Besides the various Shiurim on Chol Hamoed – thanks to the generosity of our supporters – the children participated in various activities both locally and out of town. This year with a long Chol Hamoed, it was more important than ever to give the children a full packed Chol Hamoed so they could relate to […]

A Seder Night in Pinsk to Remember

Much thought was invested in making the Seder night as vivid and inspiring as possible, utilizing this opportunity to bring our heritage alive, so the children could feel like they themselves left Mitzrayim. For many of those who participated in our Seder, it was their first times in their lives that sat at a Seder […]

Holocaust Survivor had her Home Cleaned of Chometz

Yad Yisroel has a mission to assist and bring Yiddishkeit not only to the young, future generations of Russian Jewry – but to every single Jew in need. Our students and volunteers cleaned, and did bedikas chometz, in the apartments of the elderly and infirm who sought to be rid of chometz but could not […]