Siyum on Maseches Sukkah

Yad Yisroel was established over 30 years ago with a handful of students. A result of decades of our Avodas Hakodesh later, hundreds of our alumni are building their families in Jewish communities all over the world.  Students who have come into our institutions not knowing Aleph Beis are today completing entire Masechtos, in some cases, the entire […]

7 Bris Milah in 24 Hours

It was amazing to witness the Mesiras Nefesh of 7 students of our school in Pinsk, ages 8-16, for the Mitzvah of Bris Milah, and heartwarming to see each one take their Jewish name.  Alexander Zev Kupratzevitch from Minsk, Mordechai Truchan from Minsk, Boruch Trush from Minsk, Chaim Ginzburg from Gomel, Yochanan Michailov from Minsk […]

Simchos During The Summer

A major Simcha during the summer was when on one day 4 Bris Milah took place. One 8 day old baby, and 3 teenage boys. Mazal Tov!! Mazel Tov to the Yerochin Family on the birth of their son Yaakov. Mazel tov to our devoted Rabbi & Mrs. Boruch Shofnos upon the birth of their […]