Chanukah Campaign

Chanukah serves as a source of inspiration to Jews throughout the generations. It reminds us that we have the strength to bring light, Kedusha and joy to our brethren in every corner of the world.

The founders of communism tried in every way to extinguish the flames that were lit by the Macabees and their followers. Especially during these days of Chanukah we dedicate ourselves to rekindling the spark, bringing light to our brethren in the former Soviet Union.

Those early days were very bleak indeed. However today, it is truly a sight to behold; in the former Soviet Union, Jewish Schools with hundreds of children returning to their roots, social welfare and feeding programs for the elderly and needy and summer programs.

Yes, a long awaited dream has finally come true!

So many have today established Jewish homes בתים נאמנים בישראל in vibrant communities around the world because of the generosity of Jews around the world who cared.

However, there are still so many Jews that live in this part of the world who are thirsting for a return to a genuine Jewish community and Yiddishkeit.

Please come forth generously at this time as one of those, dedicated to keep this flame burning –despite all difficulties, and give the new generation an opportunity to continue with renewed spirit and strength.





Naming of Museum



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24 Feb, 2020

9:00am 02:00pm

New York


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