National Sunday School Program

Yad Yisroel is running a Sunday School פrogram via Zoom for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, with the aim to reach Jewish households in remote cities and villages scattered around Belarus where there are no Jewish programs.

The program, which  kicked off with a concert that was streamed on Hanukkah, focuses on bringing Jewish heritage and tradition to Jewish boys and girls who are scarcely aware of their Jewish identities. Lessons cover areas such as learning the aleph-bet, Bible stories, basic prayers, Shabbat rituals and holiday customs.

The program also entails sending arts and crafts packages by mail/ messenger to students and following up with art lessons via Zoom.

The objective of the program is to spread Jewish education everywhere, even to the most isolated Jewish populations. The Zoom lessons are relatively new but, Yad Yisroel has always spread Jewish education far and wide.


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24 Feb, 2020

9:00am 02:00pm

New York


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