Most of the approximately 60,000 Jews in Belarus have no connection to Yiddishkeit or anything Jewish.

Over the years, many hundreds have learned about our illustrious heritage, become closer to Yiddishkeit, and are now building fine Jewish homes around the world.

This accomplishment was possible only through the generosity of caring individuals that have supported our work, and made this mission possible.

As we approach this auspicious time of year many of our new students will be experiencing ROSH HASHANA, YOM KIPPUR AND SUKKOS FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!

Your donation today can make this experience an everlasting one, and help them get a well rounded Jewish education that they have been deprived of until now.


This will surely be a Zchus for you and your family to be blessed with a Ksiva v’Chasima Tova – a Happy and Healthy New Year!