Yad Yisroel is the beacon of Jewish life in Belarus.
However, there is still so much more work to do.

There are about 60,000 Jews in Belarus, with 95% of them without any Jewish affiliation.

We have lost too many Jews throughout history.

Please join Yad Yisroel’s Sponsorship Program and empower the lives of Jewish children and members of the Jewish communities, both emotionally and spiritually. 

Sponsor a Child at Yad Yisroel’s Residential Schools

The majority of Jewish children growing up in Belarus and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union are scarcely aware of their Jewish Identity. Their families are assimilated, and they are totally estranged from Jewish life.
In addition, the economic situation in the country has caused many social difficulties for family life in general. As a result, many children are growing up in poverty, abuse, and single parented homes.

With the intervention of Yad Yisroel, parents agree to send their children to Yad Yisroel Residential Schools with the purpose of returning them to their Jewish heritage, to have them grow in a warm, supporting environment and to receive the best education.

In many cases we become the foster home for these children.
In addition, over 50% of Yad Yisroel’s children are orphans and have been referred to us by the Belarussian Welfare Department.
However, Yad Yisroel does not receive any financial assistance from the government for these state orphans.

Sponsor a Child, gives YOU the opportunity to partner with Yad Yisroel!
This includes funding the room and board, medical attention, clothing, school supplies, tutoring, as well as periodic gift packages on birthdays and holidays.
When a Yad Yisroel’s children knows that a sponsor so many miles away is caring for them, it gives them a tremendous sense of security, and strengthens their well-being.
By sponsoring a child today, you will be giving a Jewish child a new lease on life.


Feed a child for a month


Medical supplies for a month


Feed an elderly couple for a month


Sponsor a camper


Educate a child for a month


Sponsor 100 Shiurim


Sponsor 500 meals


Sponsor a Day at Yad Yisroel


Adopt a Neshama for a year